Executive Search

Our customers’ demand is our standard. Only after completing a detailed briefing with the customer we come into play. To find the brightest mind for a position our consultants refer to their extensive network and directly contact suitable candidates. This way, we also win individuals who possibly have not thought about changing jobs yet.


Since we have been operating on the market for a long time, we have excellent contacts with the corresponding industrial sectors, in which our customers are working. In addition to this, our consultants have been actively involved themselves in the respective industries for many years, know the current developments and are in an intensive dialogue with the customers. We know the trends and use our knowledge in a targeted manner.  


In many cases trustful talk with our consultants replaces a job advertisement and quickly and sustainably implies successful employee recruitment. We know precisely who the customer is looking for and we are only satisfied if we have staffed this position in an optimal way. In this, we work with greatest confidence and care. 

We always agree a fixed price with the customer as our fee. By this we ensure that we do not introduce the most expensive candidates to increase our fee but the best ones.



Your benefits

  • Experienced consultants with a high level of process reliability and industry specialisation
  • Fees as fixed prices, not % of the annual salary!
  • Exclusivity and customer protection
  • Warranty during the trial period
  • High occupation ratio by means of an excellent network and qualified references
  • Speed and persistence also in difficult mandates (terrier quality!)