"Confucius puts his own self into the background; this is the secret of his success”. (source: Jünger Gung about his master Confucius in “the lessons of Confucius“)

For me reliability, trust, appreciation and respect towards my customers and candidates belong to the basic prerequisites of my work. Therefore I always treat my counterpart in a way I want to be treated by him myself. Only when you listen to your customers very carefully, imagine yourself in his position and have understood his company culture, you will find the right candidate for a position.


With my hobbies I balance out my everyday life. I am an enthusiastic soccer player, I like to cook, read and travel, I am interested in Scandinavian painting and poison dart frogs.


Specialist of Scandinavian Language and Lifestyle

2013 - heute

TGMC Management Consulting GmbH


2005 - 2012

Managing director, personnel consultant and coach at a company for human resources consulting and executive coaching


Independent personnel consultant interim management and coaching training

1985 - 2002

17 years of experiences in large German publishing houses, from these, among others two years as editor and duty editor, 6 years as chief editor, 2 years as managing director, 1 year as editorial director